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 Start earning REWARDS

As a Slater Gym Member you are eligable to join the Slater Gym Just Invite Rewards Program and stop paying and start earning.  

Its all very easy. All you need to do is Join the Rewards Program and start inviting all your friends and family for a Free Weeks Gym.

Once your friends start joining, you will start receiving the following Rewards:

Once you've Registerd you'll receive a unique Personal Invite Link and access to your Own Personal Program Dashboard. From there you'll be able to:  

- Share your Personal Invite Link with friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, etc.  

- See all the friends you've invited to Slater Gym, and be able to see wether they've joined yet.  

- Track your stats and see when you are due to receive rewards.

You'll have access to Your Personal Program Dashboard where you'll be able to see who you've sent Invites to, and if they have joined.

The Just Invite Rewards Program will track all your Friend Invites and automatically up date your Personal Dashboard, as well as notify you personally as soon as you starting earning Rewards.  

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